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From the stage at Vans Warped to being featured by some of the most prominent media outlets in the world, Miami-based Acaedia (uh-SEE-dee-uh) is delivering a unique brand of metal core laced with powerful social messages. The band’s name is a variation of the word “acedia”, describing a sense of apathy or lack of concern with one’s position on moral issues. Acaedia is made up of Ray Jimenez (lead vocals), Javier Sardinas (guitar), Christian Farina (bass) and Michael Collantes (drums).  

Acaedia’s most recent EP, Void, was released in 2017. The guys took a one year hiatus from performing to write the tracks appearing on the EP, which was produced by award-winning producer Andrew Wade (A Day to Remember, Neck Deep, Wage War). The band’s debut EP, Dawning, dropped in 2015 and was produced by Daniel Colombo of Iceman Studios in Miami.  Both Void and Dawning are available for streaming on popular services like Spotify and Apple Music as well as for digital download on Amazon and iTunes.  

The band blasted into the spotlight in 2017 after releasing a video covering well-known pop song “Despacito.” Acaedia’s metal core arrangement of the song accumulated more than 7,000,000 views on Facebook, over 460,000 streams on Spotify, and more than 310,000 views on YouTube. In addition to the cover gaining the band fans from all over the world, it resulted in Acaedia being featured by CNN Chile and Huffington Post Spain.









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